Top 100 Women of Impact: Mandy Hunt

Mandy Hunt

Co-Founder, Athlete Advocate Consortium

About me: With the help of my spouse and family, I’ve founded and operated multiple businesses including retail stores and finance companies. After raising our five children, Bryan and I spend our time working on our enterprises, supporting the University of Arkansas and Razorback Athletics and spending time at the beach with our two grandchildren. 

With the 2021 legislation supporting financial compensation for collegiate athletes, we came up with a concept for name, image and likeness licensing (NIL) that would not only support student-athletes financially, but provide them an opportunity to promote and endorse charitable organizations and foster positive change in our community.

Lives in: Springdale • Works in: Northwest Arkansas

Lesson Learned the Hard Way: In my many years of business creation, I’ve had to accept the fact that the outcome may not always be what I envisioned. But God knew, which is enough for me.

Proudest Moment of Impact: Our student-athletes raising money for local nonprofits is one of my proudest moments, however, the lasting impact is greater for me. When our AAC players call me and say they want to come “home” to Fayetteville to work or live, we know we did our job. They became part of our community, made it their own and will continue to serve and leave a legacy for decades to come.

Call to Action: There is a misconception that NIL has been more detrimental than beneficial. However, when done correctly, it can benefit not only a student-athlete in need, but also those in our community with needs. There are numerous ways to get involved, and I strongly recommend doing so.

What Keeps Me Motivated: The relationships we’ve built with the student-athletes, the staff and the nonprofits. We’ve really focused on bringing awareness to nonprofits that may not be as well-known. I love seeing when action and awareness grows for our organizations, as well as seeing our players connect to the community.

A Women’s Foundation of Arkansas Initiative

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