Top 100 Women of Impact: Jean C. Block

Jean C. Block

CEO, Little Rock Water Reclamation Authority

About me: I am originally from Mill Valley, California. I moved to Arkansas in 2002 with my husband Rodney, an Arkansas-native. We don’t have kids, but we’ve always had a beloved pet cat.

I’ve practiced law for 23 years, and most of my career has been in the public sector. I’ve been a bankruptcy lawyer, assistant attorney general, counsel for the Arkansas Lottery and now counsel for the sewer utility of Little Rock. 

I am community-driven and serve on many local boards including CHI St. Vincent Infirmary and the UA Little Rock College of Business Advisory Council. In my free time, I love to read magazines, be on the River Trail, hike Emerald Park and spend time with girlfriends. 

Lives/Works in: Little Rock

Best Career Advice: Choose your battles. I don’t have to be the first out of the gate to speak or have to get the last word in, and I’ll accept an outcome other than my preference if doing so has no consequential effect.

Lesson Learned the Hard Way: No matter how reasonable, courteous and professional one is, there will always be people one must deal with who are not. I’ve learned to deal with them as the circumstances require and keep it moving. They are not worth stress or mental energy.

Proudest Moment of Impact: For over a decade, I have advised and mentored many women formally and informally. I love to do this, and I do it with vulnerability and honesty to create authentic connections. A few years ago, in one month, I heard from three of these different women. They each shared how our conversation had positively impacted, influenced or helped them through a major challenge. That was extremely heartening.

Call to Action: Central Arkansas has incredible organizations both large and small doing impactful work, but smaller organizations often get overlooked. I encourage people to explore and support the small-but-mighty ones. Examples include the Timmons Art Foundation, The Van, More Chances Period, ReMix Ideas and CALS Rock It! Lab.

A Women’s Foundation of Arkansas Initiative

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