Top 100 Women of Impact: Denise Henderson Thomas

Denise Henderson Thomas

CEO, World Trade Center Arkansas

About me: As CEO of the World Trade Center Arkansas and a global strategist and business development expert, I connect people and products through strategic partnerships. I have over 26 years in economic development and trade, and draw upon my diverse experience in international marketing and business development to fulfill the mission of the World Trade Center to expand business and commerce for the state of Arkansas. I have the privilege of being responsible for creating opportunities for Arkansas companies to promote their work, share expertise and seize business opportunities with global partners.

Lives in: Fayetteville • Works in: Rogers

Best Career Advice: Integrity, transparency and honesty are the keys to building trust for lasting business relationships.

Lesson Learned the Hard Way: Get it in writing. Document everything and keep your emails. Always invest in yourself first. Love yourself, then it is easy to love others.

Call to Action: We have become numb to all of the problems of our community, country and world. We have to remind ourselves we are all part of the collective of humanity, and that love is the key to opening our hearts and offering kindness to others to even begin to resolve all of our community challenges. We cannot resolve anything with the mind that created it. We have to change our individual hearts first if we want to improve our community.

What Keeps Me Motivated: I love what I do! Helping others gets me up in the morning. I have the privilege of supporting others in achieving their goals, which impacts the state of Arkansas, our nation and our global community. This is an honor and so much fun! I get up each day feeling grateful to be able to work with amazing people, companies and organizations all over the world. 

A Women’s Foundation of Arkansas Initiative

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