Top 100 Women of Impact: Alison R. Williams

Allison R. Williams

Co-Founder, Tidal Partners
Founder, Wilco Consulting

About me: I grew up in a military family that prioritized service and self-reliance. We moved around a lot when I was growing up, which contributed to my fascination with exploration and travel. I embrace change and a good argument, two things that my dear husband has learned to simply endure. When we’re not on our yoga mats, we’re usually plotting our next adventure to a music festival or wine farm. 

Lives in: North Little Rock • Works: Wherever there is Wi-Fi

Best Career Advice: “Life unfolds in layers.” I interpret this to mean that all things are temporary, and that one never knows when the next chapter of one’s life will be revealed. I try to be ready for anything and then adapt, adapt, adapt.

Lesson Learned the Hard Way: No one knows me better than I know myself.

Proudest Moment of Impact: In 2022, then-Gov. Asa Hutchinson appointed me to lead the Arkansas Women’s Commission. We had 10 months to research and write a report about the current status of women in Arkansas. The commission traveled all over the state and heard from hundreds of women. Lifting up the voices of women in Arkansas through the report’s creation, which relied on the extraordinary efforts of our incredible volunteer commissioners, was, by far, my proudest moment of impact.

Call to Action: Register to vote, and then exercise that right every time you are given the opportunity to do so.

What Keeps Me Motivated: Everyday acts of kindness remind me that civility and courtesy are not lost. Witnessing the decency of others motivates me to leverage my skills and network to benefit others.

A Women’s Foundation of Arkansas Initiative

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