SPONSORED: Top 10 Gardening Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

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Whoever you’re shopping for this Mother’s Day, if they love spending time in their garden, these local gift ideas from The Good Earth Garden Center will make any green thumb happy.


1. Caren skincare. Caren lotions, soaps and shower flowers are sublime. There are wonderful scents to choose from, and all their products have been formulated to soothe and refresh even the most sensitive skin. Each one contains aloe vera, glycerin and antioxidants to give that glow. Pro tip: The Gardener’s line is especially moisturizing.


2. Garden decor. Every garden could use an accent or two to add extra visual interest. There are so many options for any space, including the traditional decor you may be thinking of — statues, fountains, bird baths — but there’s also colorful glass garden stakes or stone, wood and glass garden art, and of course, windchimes, which add a calming ambiance to any garden.


3. Good Birds. Speaking of garden decor, how about a Good Bird? These hand-glazed ceramic birds landed at The Good Earth after being hatched especially for you to enjoy. They look forward to roosting in your garden, on your patio or in your home. Good Birds are versatile, too. They like to fly solo and also enjoy being part of a flock. Whether you are looking for a well-rounded gift or some plucky garden art for yourself, these are a wonderful option.


4. Pottery. If your loved one is into container gardening, they are likely always in need of a few more good pots. High-quality glazed pots hold up well year after year, and add a special, personalized touch to the garden, landscape, patio or front entrance. Another feature of gifting pottery is that each year, during planting season, they will get to enjoy your gift again as they fill it to overflowing with gorgeous blooms.


5. Wind spinners. Wind spinners get their own little category because they add tons of visual interest through simple movement. They’re also mesmerizing and calming to watch.


6. The Original PotHead Planters. There’s nothing quite like a unique PotHead Planter (pictured at top). Each one has a theme, is hand-painted and is perfect for little succulents or terrarium plants. They are available in a variety of colors, styles and sizes.


7. Plant mom swag. Plant moms are a thing, and we vote they be celebrated as well. Many plant parents in general focus on indoor gardening as opposed to outdoor. If these moms are short on space, choose a small pot with big personality, pair with a healthy houseplant or succulents, then add a cute watering can or mister to complete the gift. Other indoor gardening gifts include terrariums, either completed ones or the components to create one. Terrarium building is a timeless hobby and each one is a work of art.


8. Blooming shrubs. From knock out to drift roses, from camellias to hydrangeas, from spireas to encore azaleas, blooming shrubs provide months of enjoyment. Cut flowers are fantastic, especially when cut from your own landscape or garden, but for longer lasting blooms, plant flowers that can be enjoyed year after year.


9. Zero-waste gifts. If the mom in your life has all of this (and more), consider a gift that is simply consumable, like little bird houses made with bird seed.


10. Gift cards. Because you may not know which plant they have been pining for.

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