The January Edit: Looking Forward

You know the drill. Every year, we start the year with fresh eyes, packing all sorts of sparkling opportunities into the 12 months that lay before us. There’s traditionally a dose of naiveté that goes into those plans, but none like we unknowingly held last January.

This year, Team Soirée is going back to the basics with our own goals for 2021.

“I want to be more conscious with what I consume in 2021, and that applies to every aspect of life — what I’m watching, reading, buying, the list goes on. My dependency on electronics grew out of control in 2020, so hopefully consuming less will also mean disconnecting more.”

Malina Tabor | Stylist, Contributing Writer

“As an Enneagram 2, I am all about making sure others are cared for and have what they need. I sometimes go a little too far and neglect my own needs and health. In 2021, I am still going to focus on others, but maybe do a self check-in before I overextend myself. “

Maddie Brodell Schmidt | Advertising Coordinator

“2020 was mixed. It allowed me to spend a lot more time with my kids, which I really want to continue in 2021, even when I go back to working regularly out of an office. In 2020, I drank more and exercised less, which I intend to turn around in 2021. But last year also gave me a renewed appreciation of my friends and family as I haven’t been able to see most of them. In 2021, I want to see as many friends and as many new places as I can.”

David Godfrey | Art Director

“If I’m a better me in 2021 than I was in 2020, that’s a win. 2021 Bethany is going to strive to go with the flow more.”

Bethany Johnson | Ad Coordinator

“After 2020, I definitely plan to enjoy the little things more in life and to spend more time with my friends and family. I also want to say ‘yes’ to all of the trips I’m asked on.”

Kelli Roy | Awards Events & Marketing Coordinator

“My theme for 2021 is patience. We’ve all put extraordinary expectations on ourselves and others since last spring, so I’m working to be intentional about deciphering where those expectations come from, whether they’re worthy of my energy and being patient with myself when I inevitably don’t meet all those expectations. Plus, I’m chomping at the bit to get back out into the world, but I keep repeating the words a friend said early in the pandemic, ‘We’re eager to get back, but we’re not in a rush.'”

Jess Ardrey | Editor

“Pandemic permitting, I would really like to use my vacation time to actually get away to an actual destination instead of spending it at home. It doesn’t have to be Madagascar, it could just be a cabin on a lake somewhere in Arkansas.”

Todd Traub | Writer

“My goal is to hold on to some of the slower pace that 2020 forced me to adopt. Prior to the pandemic I was going from one thing to the next — work, family, volunteering, everyday responsibilities. Every moment was booked on the calendar, all day long. The pandemic brought all that to a halt, and it was such a welcome breath of fresh air that I didn’t know I needed. As life resumes to ‘normal,’ my goal is to keep some of the peace, calmness and freedom I was forced to accept and now embrace.”

Betsy Smith | Account Executive

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