The Essential Ingredients (Soiree Special Promotion): Ron Logan and Susan Biemans of NYPD Pizza

Ron Logan & Susan Biemans
Owners, NYPD Pizza
6015 Chenonceau Blvd. # 1, Little Rock | 501-868-3911

Most Gratifying Moment
SB: I had the good fortune of owning and managing a very successful and award-winning resort and restaurant in Aruba for 21 years, and I believe the reason for our success was a love for the business and knowing my customers. A wonderful surprise and most gratifying has been my resort customers seeking me out here in Little Rock and visiting our pizzeria. Some live as far away as Boston and New Hampshire and some happen to live nearby in Little Rock and Conway and visit regularly. Imagine that!

1 | History

RL: I was with the Dell Computer Management team for many years in my hometown in Austin, Texas, then developed operations in Nashville and Panama. In 2005 I was recruited to Little Rock to run

SB: I co-owned and managed a luxury boutique resort and restaurant in the Caribbean for 21 years.

2 | Inspiration

RL: I enjoy building relationships with our customers and being involved in the complete process from recipe to the realization of guest satisfaction.

3 | Plan B

RL: Full time artist. Outside of restaurant hours I continue to paint and have my work sold by Stephano’s gallery in the Heights.

4 | Family

SB: Ron and I worked together on a website project a few years ago and became friends. We stayed in touch and ended up helping each other through some challenging times. We fell in love, and here we are!

5 | Community

We fuel CARVE and other sports organizations’ fundraisers and local school events. We also are big supporters of the Arkansas Sustainability Network.

6 | Popular

Anything with our award-winning dough, which is compared to a freshly-baked baguette and prepared by our chefs daily.


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