The Essential Ingredients of Little Rock’s Best Dining Experiences (Soiree Special Promotion)

The perfect recipe for a perfect restaurant varies widely, but the basic ingredients are the same: a group of skilled, highly motivated people with a passion for service and love of food done well.

Whatever the role — Cook, Chef, Manager, Owner, Host or Server — everyone is essential to present the best possible plate.

Meet the staff of your favorite place to eat:

Pablo Chichoni of Brownings

Jeff Voyles and Louise Henderson of Burge’s

Tandra Watkins of Ashley’s and The Capital Bar

Peter Webre and Donnie Ferneau of Ferneau

Ron Logan and Susan Biemans of NYPD Pizza

Andre Poirot of Capriccio

Clay Sipes of Sonny Williams’ Steak Room

Capi Peck of Trio’s

Bill Criswell and Santi Sacca of Vesuvio Bistro

Bonner Cameron and Neal Coay of Ya Ya’s Euro Bistro

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