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“I’d love to go outside, but the mosquitoes are so bad they just run me back in.” How many times have you said or heard that? It’s such a common phrase that most people just nod in agreement as if it’s a foregone conclusion that going outdoors in the summer for any extended period will result in swatting bugs, itchy legs or an annoying buzz in your ear.

For the past six years, Stephanie and Brad Simon have been on a mission to make outside fun again for Arkansans. The two have lived all over the state in their 21 years of marriage, and they noticed no matter where they lived, there was no escape from mosquitoes. The fight really became personal after the birth of their daughter.

They realized early that their young daughter was severely allergic to mosquitoes and would come inside with huge welts after being outside for only a short period of time. The Simon family decided to fight back, but how?

We have all experienced the lackluster results from candles, citronella plants, tiki torches and other home remedies. They have little impact because they only repel mosquitos, but don’t eliminate them, and what little repelling power they do have is confined to a very small space.


After doing some research, Brad realized a full-scale mosquito control service was virtually nonexistent in Arkansas, so the Simon family decided to do it themselves. Brad proposed the Mosquito Joe concept to Stephanie, who said, “If there’s something we can do to be able to go outside without having to coat our kids with bug spray, then sign me up!”

Their only concern was whether a service like this would work in such a mosquito-infested area like central Arkansas. It worked. In just five years, the Simons grew Mosquito Joe to one of the top franchises in the nation and were recognized as the Mosquito Joe National Franchisee of the Year in January 2018.

Brad credits the success to a great team of employees and the unique bond of the people of Arkansas.

“I try to explain to others outside the state how we Arkansans are like a big family,” he says. “Everybody knows everybody, and when we find something we like we tell everybody about it.”

“Our customers are the best,” Stephanie adds. “Year after year, customer referrals are our number one source of new customers, and we have been overwhelmed by the response.”


Mosquito Joe provides a customized service to each property. Brad says the trick to effective mosquito control is (A) the application process and (B) consistency.

The Application Process:

  • Mosquito Joe begins by disrupting the mosquito life cycle. The technician does a property inspection and identifies any possible breeding areas. Standing water in buckets, French drains, clogged gutters and dampness underneath decks are all common breeding areas. These areas are treated to prevent mosquito eggs and larvae from developing.
  • The next step involves eliminating adult mosquitoes on the property. Using a backpack blower, the technician applies an ultra-fine mist to any place adult mosquitoes like to live. Prime locations include dense foliage, the undersides of leaves and other cool, shady areas.
  • Finally, after Mosquito Joe leaves your property the active ingredients stick around and continue to eliminate mosquitoes for up to three weeks. The technology behind the product is what makes it effective, even if you neighbors’ mosquitoes try to migrate into your yard. It’s like having a full-time technician on your property.


Providing a consistent service is what sets Mosquito Joe apart. Because the mosquito life cycle is so rapid, a regular three-week service cycle during the active mosquito season is essential to ensure effective control. Mosquito Joe focuses only on the control of mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. This laser focus allows for a structured, consistent service that works.


The Simons also regularly hear some common misconceptions. Below are the most frequent:

“Harsh winters help kill off bugs.”

This is also false when it comes to mosquitoes. Some of the worst mosquito problems in the U.S. are in Minnesota, Wisconsin and even Alaska, and the winters there are much more harsh than in Arkansas. The amazing truth is that mosquito eggs can lay dormant for as long as 10-15 years. All they need is to be in water above 50-55 degrees to come to life.

“I don’t have any standing water on my property for mosquitoes to breed in.”

In fact, it takes less than a bottle cap of water for a mosquito to lay eggs in. Condensation from an air conditioner, cracks in your sidewalk, flower pots, etc. all have enough water for breeding.

Controlling a flying insect may sound irrational or even impossible, but mosquitoes have very predictable behavior (unlike other flying insects such as house flies and gnats). The most common species of mosquitoes in Arkansas don’t fly long distances and most will only fly about 200 feet from their home in their lifetime. This predictable behavior is how the Mosquito Joe service keeps them under control.

If you would like more information on how Mosquito Joe can make outside fun again for you, give them a call at 501.508.2528 or visit their website. Brad and Stephanie would love to share the fun with you.

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