The Best OB/GYNs in Little Rock: The Woman’s Clinic

The Woman’s Clinic, P.A. is a physician owned-clinic with a long history of service to the women of central Arkansas. Since the 1930s our ACOG Board Certified physicians and support staff have provided state-of-the-art high quality care for women in a comfortable, caring, private and secure setting. All care providers work closely with patients to offer a tailored program to fit their individual needs.

The Woman’s Clinic, P.A. offers a suite of services including comprehensive care for women, gynecological and obstetrical care, an on-site full service lab, state of the art bone density machine with studies conducted by an ISCD Certified Densitometry Tech, on-site ultrasounds performed by an ARDMS Registered Sonographer. Additionally, IUD placements and a variety of minimally invasive surgeries such as non-surgical tubal occlusions (Essure and Adiana procedures), hysterectomies and endometrial ablations, which are performed by all physicians are offered.

While all of the clinic physicians specialize in minimally invasive surgeries, Dr. Michael Cope and Dr. Brian Burton are trained in the DaVinci surgical system. Dr. Cope and Dr. Burton can complete complex surgeries such as hysterectomies and myomectomies (removal of uterine fibroids) much more effectively with this method and offer patients a shortened recovery time and less discomfort. Traditional laparoscopic hysterectomies are available by Dr. Ken Taylor as well as the other physicians. All physicians are trained in non-surgical tubal occlusions with Dr. David Shenker and Dr. Brian Burton having the most experience.

Because of the ability to complete many surgeries in the office that other doctors take to the operating room, their patients are allowed more flexibility in scheduling and these procedures are more often accepted by insurance companies when done in the office, resulting in less expense for the patient.

Michelle Churchill, APN, a Family Practice Board Certified Advance Practice Nurse, possesses years of Labor & Delivery experience as well as advanced training in family medicine, giving her the skills needed to treat women through all the various seasons of their lives in the same manner as a physician, with the exception of performing surgery and delivering babies.

The Woman’s Clinic, P.A. takes a consultative approach to treatment plans. Listening to the concerns of the patients, working with their schedules and ensuring that they are comfortable each step of the way is of utmost importance. The Woman’s Clinic, P.A. believes in order to get the most out of life, patients need to feel vibrant, happy and comfortable. Thus, the providers and staff treat each patient as a whole person, understanding that true wellness is a composite of physical, mental and emotional health. The combined efforts of the physicians, the APN, and entire staff allow The Woman’s Clinic, P.A. to offer an extensive wellness program for all patients, regardless of age.

At The Woman’s Clinic, P.A. patients can address everything in one location making it easier for the patient. The Woman’s Clinic, P.A. will continue to expand their suite of services and look for ways to offer a higher level of care to all patients while staying ever mindful of the fact each patient is an individual. Please visit the clinic online at where current patients as well as perspective patients can access the clinic 24/7 to request an appointment, update personal information or even ask a clinician a question.

The Woman’s Clinic, PA
500 South University Avenue, Suite 414
Little Rock, Arkansas 72205

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