The Bagel Shop Pop-Up Will Soon Offer Fresh, Scratch-Made Bagels

Little Rock’s lone bagel shop is opening soon, which means the doughnut-shaped void in all of our hearts will finally be whole.

The Bagel Shop is a pop-up-style bagel store that will have all of the classic breads and spreads with modern flavors and exciting twists. The bagels are handmade from scratch with the highest quality ingredients and cold proofed for 24 hours to slowly rise and develop that famously delicious flavor and texture.

The Bagel Shop was founded by partners Trevor Papsadora and Myles Roberson. The pair moved to Little Rock from Portland, Maine, in March of 2020 and quickly realized how much they missed New England-style bagels. Weekends turned into a ritual of prepping and bake-offs and soon sparked their idea to bring something new to Little Rock’s food scene.

“Myles and I have always dreamed of opening our own spot in the community we live in,” Papsadora says. “Opening The Bagel Shop feels like an organic progression with where the food scene is going here. Community is at the forefront of who we are, and our bagels are the perfect vehicle to get to know our neighbors. You can buy a dozen and invite all your friends over for an easy brunch. Bagels are fun and not so serious! Just like us!”

Credit: The Bagel Shop

A core menu with poppyseed, sesame, everything, za’atar and asiago cheese will be offered along with seasonal specials. Flavored cream cheeses will range from chive and herb, veggie, bacon and scallion, smoked trout, vegan cream cheese and something sweet. The pop-up shop will also be serving its house-made lavender cold brew coffee using Fidel & Co. coffee beans and a fresh-pressed sumac and oregano lemonade.

“We are a two-person team that does not use machines to quickly crank out our product in mass quantities,” Papsadora says. “We believe in sustainable baking, meaning we don’t overproduce to always have excess on hand to turn into waste. We will offer a select amount of preorders, and the rest are available for walk-ups until they sell out.”

While the first lineup of events is still being announced, you can expect to find the pop-up at different farmers markets and special events every Friday-Sunday. Coming up first is a soft launch party with Pink Olive in SoMa. More details on that will be shared soon.

The Bagel Shop will also be teaming up with Paper Hearts Bookstore for their one year anniversary. Bagels, beverages and fun goodies will be available at The Bernice Garden on July 30 from 4-7 p.m.

Be sure to keep an eye out for The Bagel Shop’s website launch, which will have all ordering options posted weekly. For now, updates on events and everything you need to know will be posted on their Instagram page.

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