The 5 Types of Rivers You’ll Float in Arkansas

It’s hot out there, folks — we’re talking heat-advisory-every-day hot. And for many locals, that means a trip to the nearest river is in order. But before you dip your toe into the cool, refreshing Arkie-water, you first have to decide what kind of float trip you want to experience. 

Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve sorted out the best float trips in Arkansas.


If you’re looking for an oldie, but a goodie, try the Buffalo River.

It’s no wonder this river is one of, if not the most floated waterways in the state. Rentals and tour guides abound so you don’t have to worry about going into “Castaway” mode. The Buffalo provides smooth sailing, gorgeous scenery and a little wildlife to keep things interesting. Click here for info.


If you’re looking for a good time, try the Spring River.

Sometimes you just want to cut a little loose, and we get it. The Spring River is no stranger to the good-time-lovin’ crowds, but don’t judge a book by its cover. The 58-degree temperature is a godsend in an Arkansas summer, and the crystal clear water isn’t bad, either. Click here for info.


If you’re looking for a no-nonsense float, try the Ouachita River.

Granted, most people don’t actually own canoes or kayaks, and sometimes renting them can get a little steep. That’s when you head to the Ouachita. Stick to the area between Remmel Dam at Lake Catherine and the whitewater park in Rockport near Malvern and all you’ll need is an inner tube. Click here for info.


If you’re looking for thrills, try the Mulberry River.

Hold on to your paddles, folks. Things are about to get a little dicey. Sure, Turner Bend offers some great swimming holes in the drier months, but the rest of the Mulberry boasts some pretty awesome whitewater rafting for the adrenaline junkies out there. Click here for info.


If you’re looking for something close to home, try the Saline River.

For only about a half-hour drive from downtown Little Rock you could be floating along through forests and farmlands. Want to stop for a swim? Take a fishing break? Go right ahead. Just another perk of living in The Natural State. Click here for info.

Bonus: If you really don’t want to travel, Rock Town River Outfitters can set you up right here in the city with downtown views from the Arkansas River like you’ve never seen before. 

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