The 5 Ballpark Eats to Save Room For at Dickey-Stephens Park

Going to a baseball game is all about the experience — being outdoors, enjoying America’s pastime and scoping out the stadium’s good eats. Here are a few of the best items on the menu to dig into while you cheer on the Arkansas Travelers.


The Pre-Game Snack:

To begin your day at the ballpark, it’s important to remember two words: Pace yourself. Start out with a classic that’s sure to hit the spot like a hot soft pretzel. Grab one on your way in, settle into your seat and enjoy the view with a little piece of tasty nostalgia.


The Kids Menu:

It might as well be a law of physics. For every half hour a child spends not actively eating, he or she will then spend 15 minutes asking for something to eat or drink. Oblige the kiddos with a round of classic nachos. You can’t go wrong with chips topped in cheese, and we promise to look the other way when you snag one for yourself.


The Seventh Inning Stretch:

The game may be nearing its end, but the players aren’t losing steam yet, and neither can you. Get back into the game with a frozen lemon chill. It does double duty as both a lighter dessert option and a refreshing pick-me-up to keep you energized through the home stretch.


The Celebratory Sip:

Whether it’s a killer double play or just another solid win in the books, the Travs just earned you a drink. We choose to commemorate the occasion with an offering from one of the many local breweries like Diamond Bear or Lost Forty. Lately, we’ve developed a particular taste for the Arkansas Red from Core Brewing, made with Ozark mountain water. For extra celebrating, the Springdale-based brewery just opened a taproom only a 5-minute walk from the park that you can hit up after the game.


The All-Star:

If a person goes to a ballpark and doesn’t eat a hot dog, did they really go to the ballpark? Sure, there’s something about eating a hot dog while watching baseball that just makes it taste better, but Dickey-Stephens dogs stand on their own as downright delicious. Load them up with toppings, swap them out for a bratwurst or take them as they come, but don’t leave the park without having one.


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