Summer Skin Care Tips for Oily Skin

Believe it or not, summer is almost here. As the temperature rises, so does your skin’s excessive oil production. The combination of heat, sweat, and oil and bacteria can be frustrating, resulting in acne and greasy skin. 

Because the warmer months can be an oily skin nightmare, here’s a few tips to help you through the summer.

Use Antibacterial Soap

An antibacterial soap will dry up the oil and fight the excessive bacteria that comes with it. Particularly helpful are cleansers with salicylic acid, which helps break up clogged dirt and oil. 

Pro Tip: Be sure to apply sunscreen everyday because the salicylic acid will make you more photosensitive. 

Choose Light Makeup

Chose a makeup that is light, oil-free and chemical-free. In fact, steer clear of liquid makeups all together. Instead, try a mineral powder foundation, like Jane Iredale’s Pressed Powder. It offers great coverage and is oil absorbing. 

Pro Tip: Throw oil blotting sheets in your bag and use them to wick away oil and shine. These are useful when you’re running around during the hot months. 

Wash Your Face

Don’t be afraid to wash your face, a lot. And if you have truly oily skin, don’t think that twice a day is enough. Sometimes, you might need to wash your face 3-4 times a day depending on your activity level. 

Pro Tip: Oily skin doesn’t require moisturizer — your body’s producing enough of its own. Instead, use a hyaluronic acid serum to get the water balance you need. Providing a healthy balance of water and oil will reduce excessive oil production. 

Avoid Harsh Scrubs

Stay away from scrubs. Use a wash cloth when washing your face to remove extra dead skin, dirt and oil. Scrubs can do more harm than good; they spread bacteria on the skin, causing irritation and acne. 

Pro Tip: If you need extra exfoliation, see an skin care specialist for microdermabrasion, or try a cleansing brush at home like the Clarisonic Pro. Oily skin types have larger accumulations of dead skin. Proper exfoliation helps to unclog skin and remove debris. 

Again With the Sunscreen

I can’t say this enough: Don’t forget your sunscreen! You might think, “Ugh, another layer of product!” and “It feels so heavy and greasy!”  But skin care companies have made incredible improvements to sunscreens. Today’s sunscreens are are so cosmetically elegant that you can wear them everyday, under makeup, and not have to worry about them making your skin feel greasy. 

Pro Tip: Some of my favorite sunscreens are Obagi’s Sun Shield Matte SPF 50 and Theraderm’s Platinum Protection Facial Sunscreen SPF 43. Both are broad spectrum, which is crucial for sun protection in today’s world. 

Remember, oily skin can be a blessing as you age, so don’t be discouraged. With help, proper skin care and treatments, your oily skin can work for you and not against you.

(Laura Turner is a licensed aesthetician at Advanced Aesthetics in Little Rock. You can email her here or learn more about Advanced Aesthetics at

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