How to Do Summer Blooms on a Budget

Summer in Arkansas means more than scorching temperatures and oppressive humidity. It’s also a time of bountiful harvests of seasonal fruits, vegetables and, my personal favorite, farmers’ market-style flowers.

There’s nothing better than adorning your summer table with a colorful arrangement full of Arkansas-grown florals, but it can be tricky to get the right mix of summer blooms without breaking the bank.

With these in-season flowers, you can achieve that effortless look for less.


Credit: Photo courtesy of Tipton & Hurst

Zinnias ($)

Hearty and locally grown, zinnias are great for adding color and texture on a budget. These long-lasting and more casual blooms are perfect for southern suppers or summer fiestas, complete with margaritas.


Credit: Photo courtesy of Tipton & Hurst

Sunflowers ($$)

From summer through fall, sunflowers abound in Arkansas. Their big, bright petals bring dimension and an eye-catching burst of color. As we like to say at Tipton & Hurst, sometimes the simplest flowers can make the biggest impact.


Allium ($$)

A close relative to garlic and onion plants, some say allium looks like it’s straight out of a Dr. Seuss book. Available in diverse heights and sizes, these flowers add a unique flair and depth to arrangements. Whether freshly cut or grown in the garden, allium will last for weeks on end.


Dahlias ($$$)

Like zinnias, dahlias have long, strong stems and come in a variety of styles and colors. A vintage flower, they help create a feel reminiscent of your Southern grandmother’s garden.


To complete the look, combine the flowers with fresh herbs from your garden. Add a touch of whimsy with a vine-flower like honeysuckle and wildflower accents of black-eyed Susans and purple Liatris.

Need help creating your own farmers’ market-style arrangement at home? We’ve got you covered with affordable wholesale and bulk flowers, straight from Arkansas growers. Until then, happy arranging.


Chris Norwood is the vice president of Tipton & Hurst, the state’s leading florist since 1886 with five locations in central Arkansas. For more information, visit

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