Spread the Love: How to Make a Valentine’s Day Snack Board

Registered dietitian Meg Green breaks down the anatomy of a family-friendly snack board for a sweet and nutritious Valentine’s Day.

Start with Protein

Choose three to five protein options to help keep you fuller longer while not adding extra sugar. Some great options for proteins include yogurt, cheese, meats and beans or bean dips. Nuts and seeds are also tasty proteins that add a nice crunch to the board. 

Credit: Jason Masters

Add Color

Fun cuts of fruits and veggies provide vibrant colors and flavors to a snack board and, of course, are packed full of vitamins and minerals.

Credit: Jason Masters

H2-Oh Yes

Eating hydrating foods (like fruits and veggies) is an easy way to sneak in extra fluid, and adding sparkling water with a splash of juice can make water fun again.

For Picky Eaters

Include at least one new fruit or vegetable alongside old favorites. When familiar foods are present, it takes the pressure off trying new foods.

Credit: Jason Masters

Hands On

The key to snack boards is to make them interactive. Include both sweet and savory dips such as yogurt and hummus. Cookies, chocolate and fruit transform when paired with yogurt. The same goes for chips and veggies with hummus.

Credit: Jason Masters

The Sweet Spot

To complete your board, add one or two sweet treats. Portion your treats to the amounts you are comfortable with for your friends and family to enjoy. Once you have chosen all of your tasty, fun and nutritious snacks, build out your spread and enjoy!

You can find more tips and healthy ideas from Green on Instagram @meggreenrd or online at meggreenrd.com.

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