Soiree’s Guide to 7 Little Rock Restaurants Offering You Cheeseburger Paradise

Cheeseburger. For many of us, it’s our first true love and perhaps one of the most enduring. Fortunately, Little Rock is home to a number of burger joints that serve up old favorites, as well as a handful of more sophisticated dining establishments that specialize in gourmet burger creations. No matter how you like your burger — fully loaded, double meat, double cheese, with grilled onions, free range, or topped with mixed greens, jams or avocado, Little Rock has a burger that’s guaranteed to satisfy your craving. Below, our top seven burgers in the city and a few honorable mentions. Enjoy!

Arkansas Burger Co.
7410 Cantrell Road, 663-0600
The Pantheon of local burger dives. The Rock is double the meat, double the cheese, and yes, double the satisfaction. Dip it in perhaps the best white cheese dip ever, drape it with those lovely shoestring onion rings, and welcome, my friends, to a little piece of heaven.

David’s Burgers
101 S. Bowman Road, 227-8333
What more can you say about a place with great burgers that refills your fries for free? Enjoy your hearty Butcher Boy burger while a David’s worker comes ‘round to your table offering to replenish your awesome fries. Just say yes, please.

Big Orange
17809 Chenal Parkway, 821-1515
The tres chic Big Orange is all oxygen-bar-from-Clockwork-Orange as opposed to the retro-granddad’s-garage vibe of Burger Co. The burgers are gourmet, known for their amazing buns, and represent a wide array of combinations and choices, like the White Truffle Pecorino and the Petit Jean Bacon & Avocado.

Copper Grill
300 E. Third St., #101, 375-3333
Yep, Copper Grill. This popular, corporate-hipster downtown lunch spot at Third and Cumberland may not pop to mind for those with burgers on the brain, but its mention here is deserved. The homemade pimento cheese cheeseburger brings many folks back time and again.

The Box
Corner of Seventh and Ringo Streets, 372-8735
Ah, second life. The Box took a two-year “hibernation” after its old, well, box on South Main was commandeered for a drugstore. It took longer than expected, but The Box reopened over on Seventh. Same no-frills, all-grease environment. Just as it should be.

Capital Bar & Grill
111 W. Markham St., 374-7474
There’s lots to love at CBG (we’re thinking of fried chicken right now), but don’t forget about the burgers at this popular lunch spot. The swank surroundings serve as perhaps the anti-Box, but CBG proves that great burgers come in all settings and sometimes include house-made pickles.

Hillcrest Artisan Meats (H.A.M.)
2807 Kavanaugh Blvd., 671-6328
Every Friday, this neighborhood butcher shop commits to frying up 30 burgers. (It used to limit its patty production to 15, but popular demand and all … ). We suggest getting there early. And their beef — from free-range cows — is goooood.

More favorites: Dugan’s, White Water Tavern, Town Pump, Zack’s, Cotham’s, Buffalo Grill, Purple Cow, The Flight Deck, Homer’s, The Hop, Sports Page, Five Guys and Mooyah’s (yeah, we had to throw in a couple of chains — they’ve earned it).

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