Soirée Kids: Excellence in Orthodontics

Dr. Natalia Hodge of Hodge Orthodontics breaks down the basics for your family.

When should my kid see an orthodontist?
Every child should have an orthodontic evaluation around 7 years old. That is a good time to check for lack of space as well as bite issues. Some problems must be addressed before all adult teeth come in to avoid more severe problems in his or her permanent dentition.

What type of treatment is available for kids?
Braces or Invisalign (an expander may also be needed). Braces are bonded to the teeth and require visits every six weeks. Invisalign is completely removable, so no diet or hygiene modifications are required. They are both great options and you can choose whichever one fits best for your lifestyle.

Why do some people need two rounds of braces?
Some problems, if left untreated, may cause severe issues on the permanent dentition. That’s why some kids have their treatment in two different phases. Phase One aims to create an environment that allows for more normal development of the permanent dentition. Phase Two happens when all permanent teeth are in.

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