Soirée Kids: What Role does STEM Play in Learning?

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education continues to prove its value at the Pulaski County Special School District as interest in these areas increases among students at all grade levels. Dr. Erica Green is a secondary math instructional coach at Robinson High School. 

Having taught math to middle and high school students over the past few years, Dr. Green understands the importance and value of lessons learned in STEM classes. She says it’s important to ensure students understand how STEM classes apply to situations in their daily lives. 

“Students can gain a better grasp on subject matter when you apply ideal investigations to that task,” Green says. “Applying the lesson to something like cooking, music, shopping or any other real life practices can help the students connect the dots about the role of STEM learning.” 

Applying these lessons to real-life situations is a great way to build interest in a variety of new subjects and courses. Green points out that many students may not enjoy subjects like math and science, but if you can create an innovative way to teach the subject then you can gain that student’s interest and attention.

 “As STEM educators, we want students to enhance their STEM learning in the simplest, most effective way possible. We can use technologies that enhance a student’s existing knowledge base while also building strength in math, science and more.” 

The most common and important focus in STEM learning is emphasizing the connection of a student’s daily routine with STEM. These lessons mimic real-life scenarios and rely heavily on integrating hands-on learning in the classroom. One of the most compelling things about STEM is that it aids students to learn skills that are immediately useful in the outside world. 

“By permitting students to explore, be curious and focus on progress rather than perfection, it allows focus on the process to enhance confidence that ensures effective learning over everything else,” says Green. 

PCSSD is looking forward to seeing even more growth in the areas of STEM as Dr. Justin Luttrell moves into the second year in his position of Director of STEM. In his first year, Dr. Luttrell implemented monthly STEM is LIT challenges for students to encourage fun and educational activities for students of all ages.


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