Soirée Kids: Tips to Avoid the Summer Slide

The Pulaski County Special School District boasts many dedicated educators and administrators from 26 schools across central Arkansas, which now includes the DRIVEN Virtual Academy. These educators have dedicated their careers to investing in young people. With summer in full swing, some PCSSD principals are offering tips to students and families to avoid the summer slide.


Yolanda Harris, Chenal Elementary Principal

“Find engaging activities that students are interested in. One thing I like that is fun for students are board games. Board games are a great strategy for learning many useful things. But, why not design a new board game? All we need are game pieces, dice and an idea. The best quality of such games is the fact that not only do they help introduce children to various areas of learning, but they also teach them patience and competitive spirit.”


Masako Christian, Daisy Bates Elementary Principal

“I encourage students to experience new and fun places in Arkansas like museums, state parks, water parks and others. Students also learn a lot by participating in outdoor learning experiences like golf, fishing, hiking, skating/skateboarding, etc.”


Credit: Pulaski County Special School District


Preston Echols, Maumelle Middle Principal

“Make time for reading. Students need to set aside time for reading each day during summer break. Thirty minutes per day is all it takes! Students can read for enjoyment, which also offers a great opportunity to preserve and strengthen their reading skills. Students can read the newspaper, chapter books, journals, magazines or anything that piques their interest.”


Yvone West, Sylvan Hills Junior High Principal

“Parents can involve students in vacation planning: calculating distance, mapping out directions, times, etc. This helps critical thinking skills while also allowing them to play a part in planning. For those who go to summer camps, find camps that have a curricular focus. There are math and science camps that have a curricular focus but are project-based with hands-on experiments and activities.”


Pulaski County Special School District spans more than 600 square miles in central Arkansas and requires highly skilled and passionate personnel to adapt educational policies and personalization to 26 schools. Every school is accredited by the Arkansas State Board of Education. PCSSD has served schools across Pulaski County since July 1927.

PCSSD is committed to creating a nationally recognized school district that assures that all students achieve at their maximum potential through collaborative, supportive and continuous efforts of all stakeholders.

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