Soirée Kids: The Latest in Orthodontics

Dr. Natalia Hodge weighs in on the impact of technological advances.

How are technological advances improving orthodontic treatment for patients today?

NH: Orthodontics has seen remarkable advancements like custom braces, 3D printed appliances and remote monitoring. These innovations offer precise treatments, faster results and enhanced comfort, ensuring a smoother journey towards a perfect smile. At Hodge Orthodontics, we are proud to be bringing the latest in orthodontic technology to our patients.

How do custom orthodontic appliances, like custom braces and 3D printed expanders, benefit patients?

NH: Custom orthodontic appliances are tailored to each patient’s unique dental structure. This ensures a perfect fit, leading to less discomfort, fewer adjustments and fewer in-person office visits.

Why is remote dental monitoring advantageous during orthodontic treatment?

NH:Remote dental monitoring allows orthodontists to track treatment progress without frequent in-office visits. Patients use a high resolution scan box attached to their phones to capture images of their teeth. Patients are monitored weekly, instead of every 6-10 weeks, and only come in for visits when there is clinical need.

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