Soirée Kids: Streamlining Orthodontic Care

Streamlining Orthodontic Care: Remote Monitoring Benefits for Busy Families

Q: What is remote monitoring in orthodontics and how does it benefit families with hectic schedules?

NH: Remote monitoring in orthodontics is an innovation that allows us to track patients progress remotely. It involves using an app and a scan box to capture images of their teeth and sending them to us for assessment. For busy families, it is a game-changer as it reduces the need for frequent in-person visits. Parents and children can easily take images of their teeth, send them securely to us and receive feedback without having to commute to appointments.

Q: How does remote monitoring help in synchronizing office visits with clinical needs?

NH: It enables orthodontists to schedule in-person visits based on the actual clinical progress of each patient. By regularly reviewing images sent by patients, we can determine when a visit is necessary. This reduces the need for arbitrary, fixed appointment schedules and ensures that office visits are timed precisely when it is time to address specific clinical requirements. It ensures we see the patients when they are ready for the next step, without delays inherent to the fixed interval model.

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