Soirée Kids: Raising Young Men in Today’s World

Steve Straessle

Catholic High School for Boys Principal Steve Straessle weighs in on the importance of brotherhood.

What is the most important thing to remember when raising a young man in 2022?
Raising young men is not easy, and it can be challenging to determine the “right way” to do what is best for them. It all starts with instilling a set of values that young men can cling to and take with them as they grow older. At Catholic High, we focus on faith, integrity and duty with an expectation that our boys respect everyone no matter our differences.

Why is a sense of brotherhood vital in shaping young men?
Beginning as early as days spent on the playground together, brotherhood is a very important part of any young man’s life. It further enhances the values that young men have been taught since childhood and provides a perspective about the important things in life, along with a sense of accountability, reliability and wisdom. This is why establishing a brotherhood among students has always been one of our top priorities at Catholic High School.

Why is an all-boys school a prosperous environment for raising young men?
High school is one of the most rewarding and challenging journeys in any young man’s life, and an all-boys school provides our students with peers who are navigating the same journey. This provides an opportunity for young men to grow together, learn from their mistakes in a nurturing, yet disciplined, environment and learn from each other the truths necessary to live a life of honesty, loyalty and dependability.

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