Soirée Kids: How The Anthony School Teaches a Love of Learning

The Anthony School’s Head of School Shana Nolen shares her firsthand experience.

Educational philosophy has changed so much since we were in school. How do we know what is important for our children to learn today?

SN: First, it is important that children have the foundation to love learning and to learn how to learn. Most importantly, they need to know how they – as unique individuals – learn best. When they are armed with those abilities, success is always within reach.


How does The Anthony School accomplish this?

SN: Learning, Character, Individuality, Community. Our four core values are at the very center of our school. They are the building blocks upon which we help our students grow, learn, and become ready for high school and beyond. I have taught every grade here at Anthony and, in 17 years, I have seen nearly 800 children rise through those grades and graduate. They learn about themselves. They try new things. They discover what is important to them. And we help them figure out how they learn best. Our graduates are incredibly capable and successful humans!

7700 Ohio St.
Little Rock

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