Soirée Kids: Achieving Success in Athletics

The Pulaski County Special School District boasts many dedicated educators and administrators from 26 schools across central Arkansas, which includes the DRIVEN Virtual Academy now starting its third year with the District. PCSSD also has hard working students who strive to succeed on and off the field.

“In my opinion, success can come to any student athlete who wants it.” said Maumelle Athletic Director Kirk Horton. “Success may look different from one athlete to another. Some athletes may have the physical gifts to go pro and must work on that path. Other athletes may find success in a sport by building relationships with teammates and coaches. The greatest thing about sports is that there is a fit for everyone.”

Joe T. Robinson High senior volleyball and soccer player Kathryn Mizell said that athletics are impactful during her high school experience.

“Athletics are important to me because they have taught me many life skills. I have learned time management, mental toughness, and how to be a part of a team. Aside from the practical life lessons, I have created a family within my school. I have formed a group of girls that I can depend on and run to when I need them. This is a unique opportunity that only sports provide to me.”

“Student-athletes today are students FIRST,” said Mills Athletic Director Raymond Cooper. “The days of athletes getting a free pass for not performing academically are long gone.”

Sylvan Hills High senior baseball player, Mason Urena, said he has worked to find the right student-athlete balance for him.

“It’s sometimes diffcult to balance, especially when the season begins because you are trying to think of ways to win and how to help your team but at the same time pay attention in school. What I usually do is get my school work done as soon as possible and get it turned in. Then I start watching film and trying to fix things and figure things out.”

The Pulaski County Special School District Athletic Department provides student-athletes the opportunity for involvement on a variety of athletic teams. While striving for excellence, the athletic programs serve as an extension of the school district’s academic goals, supporting success in the classroom as well as on the field. The Pulaski County Special School District Athletic programs aim to instill loyalty, teamwork and leadership while maintaining honesty and integrity in every student athlete.

About PCSSD: Pulaski County Special School District spans more than 600 square miles in central Arkansas and requires highly skilled and passionate personnel to adapt educational policies and personalization to 26 schools. Every school is accredited by the Arkansas State Board of Education. PCSSD has served schools across Pulaski County since July 1927. PCSSD is committed to creating a nationally recognized school district that assures that all students achieve at their maximum potential through collaborative, supportive and continuous efforts of all stakeholders.

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