Shift Modern Cyclery Puts New Spin on Cyclist Hangouts

Shift Modern Cyclery is a new shop opening at 1101 W. Markham St. in downtown Little Rock, but will sell far more than just cycling equpiment, services and accessories. They have a permit to serve beer, wine and snacks while you wait. 

Frank Webber, who also owns Hex Carbon Workshop of Little Rock, created Shift Modern Cyclery as “less of a bike shop and more of a gathering place for cyclists,” according to our sister publication Arkansas Business

Shift’s bar will overlook the mechanical side of the shop, encouraging waiting customers to have a chat with their mechanic while cracking open a cold one. The shop’s proximity to the Arkansas River Trail was part of the inspiration for incorporating the bar elements.

Webber is excited about the boom in cycling because of people’s pandemic enthusiasm about outdoor activities. 

“I think there’s a big boom now. I think maybe 20% of those people will keep going at it. But if we’re going to talk silver linings, that’s one of them. More people are getting outdoors and doing healthy stuff,” Webber told Arkansas Business

While no official opening date has been announced, the Shift Facebook page says that we should expect it in May. 

We’re not a bike shop. We’re a cyclery. If you don’t know the difference, come check us out.”

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