Bridget Baltimore from Barbara/Jean Shares Makeup Tips

In this month’s issue, Bridget Baltimore perfected the makeup of our covergirls, Raye Rogers and Barbara Hoover, in addition to glamming up Shannon Heard, who we profile on page 48.

A Little Rock native, Balitmore is now going on her 14th year with luxury retailer Barbara/Jean as the cosmetics buyer and makeup artist. We asked this magician makeup guru to share her pro tips with us including what three makeup products we must all have in our beauty lineup.   

Soirée: What do you love most about your job?

Bridget Baltimore: I love getting to meet wonderful people. When they sit in my chair, whether it’s for a full makeover, a quick touch-up or a skincare consultation, it’s the same feeling as welcoming them into my home. My clients and I chat and laugh. It’s not just about the makeup —  it’s about developing friendships and building relationships. Being at work is home away from home, and I truly work with the best people.

S: Share a set secret. What is one thing you always do before a photoshoot?

BB: Preparation. I always look at the overall concept of the shoot and look up the person to ensure I bring what I need to customize the look for the client.

S: What three makeup items must every woman have?

BB: Every woman must have a perfect go-to lipstick or gloss, a good primer for both the face and the eyes and a highlighter, which offers a perfect pick-me-up on tired days.  

S: Do you have a favorite makeup line? What do you love so much about it?

BB: As seasons change, new products launch and my favorites often change with the season. Right now, I’d say Hourglass. This is a vegan cosmetic line that features foundation, primers, lightening ambient powders, lip stains and beautiful glosses. They’re always improving their brand with the perfect additions. I find them to be very innovative. It’s not just labeled vegan, it’s a wonderful product, and it’s perfect for anyone with skin sensitivities.

S: If we were to look in your purse right now, what would we find?

BB: You’d find concealer, highlighter, a compact powder, eyebrow pencil, a matte red lipstick by YSL, a nude and pink gloss by Hourglass and mascara by Diego Dalla Palma.

S: What is the one thing you won’t leave your house wearing and why?  

BB: I will not leave the house without mascara. It’s like going commando, and we all know that’s not cool!

Real talk and we appreciate that. To view both profiles, click here and here.


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