Q&A with 6th Annual Seersucker Social Chair Timothy Anderson

The sixth annual Seersucker Social is just around the corner, and we’re already craving mint juleps on the Old State House lawn. Hosted by the 1836 Club, this classic Little Rock event is set for Thursday, May 18.

Dripping with down-home style, the Seersucker Social celebrates all things great about the South. The best part is that all proceeds benefit the School Bus Fund, a local initiative that enables area schools to visit the Old State House and learn about Arkansas history.

We chatted with this year’s chair, Timothy Anderson, about the School Bus Fund, what he’s most excited for this year and what he’ll be wearing. 

Q: Tell us a little about yourself.

TA: I’m Heights brat, born and raised in Little Rock. I’m the proud father of two teens. I’m a managing partner/investment consultant of my firm, ASR Financial Group in Little Rock.

Q: How did you get involved with the Seersucker Social?

TA: I attended the party last two years and loved it! So, after meeting with the great people who work for the [Old State House], I asked how I could help. They said, “Congrats! You are the new chairperson for 2017!” I guess you should be careful what you ask for.

Q: What do you have up your sleeve for this year’s event? Any significant changes or updates?

TA: We have delicious signature drinks, The Debutante, the Seersucker and mint juleps, shaken by the great waitstaff from the Capital Bar & Grille. Libations are provided through our wonderful sponsors, Colonial Wines & Spirits and Rock Town Distillery. And the scrumptious food will be prepared by Scott L. Johnson Catering. It’s going to be great!

Q: Describe your perfect day in Little Rock. What would your agenda look like for the day? 

TA: Sporting my sky-blue linen suit and white bucks from Greenhaw’s Men’s Wear, I’d enjoy breakfast at One Eleven at the Capital Hotel. I’d tour the Old State House and immerse [myself] in the very interesting documentary films that detail the history of the great state of Arkansas. After lunch, would be a great bike ride with my children along the Big Dam Bridge. I’d have to slip in an “emergency” 9-hole match at the Country Club of Little Rock with my pards. After golf, I’d relax with a Rock Town vodka and tonic.

Q: Tell me about the School Bus Fund.

TA: The School Bus Fund (SBF) allows students to come from towns all over our state and learn the history of Arkansas — where it happened. The SBF pays for the substitute teacher, school bus driver and any transportation costs that the school district would incur. Many of the students come to Little Rock for the first time and marvel at the beauty of the OSH building and the exhibits. It’s a wonderful way to give children a chance to learn about the great history of our state and why Arkansas is so special.

Q: What have been some of your favorite moments at Seersucker Socials in the past?

TA: I loved being a judge in the best-dressed man/woman last year! I love to see the partygoers in all the linen and seersucker attire. Ladies in tea dresses and white heels, men sporting various bright summer blazers and hats of the season — I can’t get enough!

Q: Do you know what you’ll be wearing to this year’s event?

TA: Ha! I’ve been asked that a few times already. I’m thinking about going “gangster” with a white-chalk pinstripe black linen three-button suit or a traditional two-button Pincord seersucker, color TBD! Johnston & Murphy Spectators will be on my feet for sure. Hat will be a fedora brim or straw boater. So… stay tuned!


Keep an eye on the Seersucker Social Facebook page for updates on tickets. For more information, visit the Old State House website or call (501) 324-8647.

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