Little Rock Soiree

Women to Watch 2014

Patty Opitz

Architect, Polk Stanley Wilcox Architects

Facebook: Patty.Opitz • Instagram: @PattyOpitz • LinkedIn: Patty Opitz
Time flies when you’re doing what you love. For the past 10 years, I have practiced architecture with Polk Stanley Wilcox Architects and recently was named Associate within our firm. The excitement of shaping my own environment will never get old.
I am responsible for project production and coordination through all phases, as well as assisting with graphic design and marketing of our firm. I have considerable experience in residential design and planning, and as one of our firm’s LEED Accredited Professionals, I am committed to designing sustainable environments that enhance our clients’ workplaces and lives. Currently, I serve on the 2014-2015 Board for the Junior League of Little Rock as Administrative VP, and with the help of my husband, chase our very spirited 10 month old while trying to give her the best childhood imaginable.


Why do you love your career?
What’s not to love? I draw and use my imagination for a living. Witnessing your design take form is indescribable. I value the relationships that I build with clients, knowing that I helped turn their dreams into a reality.

If you weren’t doing this job what would you be doing?
I would love to open a one-stop-shop for all things design. Architecture is a lifestyle, not just a job. It’s not just about the design of buildings, but the design of all facets of life.

Knowing what you know now, what’s the best advice you could have given yourself when you were first starting out?
Architectural stereotypes are true for the most part; long hours are inevitable. However, time and effort are your building blocks. Have the right plan, choose the right building materials and just do it from the ground up.

What has been the greatest moment in your career?
Women account for half of architectural graduates, however only represent 20 percent of licensed practitioners. The day I received my architecture license and traditional “milestone” (and technically before my husband, ha!) will forever be a career moment I will always cherish.

What is your best personality trait?
My determination and resiliency. I welcome challenges that come my way and believe that exceeding someone’s expectations can take you far. In a profession where you are liaison to numerous trades, being flexible and quick on your feet is paramount.


Restaurant: Casa Manana is my go-to. They know me by name there.
Song: “Intro” by The XX
Book: Just My Type, Love is a Mix Tape and Happy City are all on my nightstand now, although What to Expect the First Year has definitely taken priority.
Gadget: My laser distance measurer, of course. Precision is key.
Vacation Destination: Anywhere I can feel the sun on my face and listen to some great music. Austin has become a favorite. Floating on the Guadalupe, munching on a Mighty Cone and jamming to Vampire Weekend is my idea of a great time.