Little Rock Soiree

Wish List 2014

Junior Deputy

P.O. Box 250709  •  Little Rock, AR 72225-0709
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With the goal of providing a positive youth baseball experience in a wholesome, family atmosphere, Sheriff Tom Gulley founded the original Pulaski County Junior Deputy organization in 1947 — hence our name that has endured for nearly 70 years as Little Rock’s premier home to baseball for children ages 4-15. We continue to operate on land off Cantrell Road provided before 1950 by the Water Works Department, and tens of thousands of youngsters have made baseball memories there. Since 1994, Junior Deputy has been on its own financially as a nonprofit organization led by a nine-person volunteer board of directors. Current board president Kori Gordon has four boys of her own throughout the organization. We offer six leagues and the opportunity for any boy or girl — up to 1,000 each season — to play baseball every spring and fall.

How We Are Funded

Most ballpark complexes for hundreds of children around Arkansas were built by and receive funding from their city government; Junior Deputy does not. We exist through registration fees, field signage and concession sales to support our entire array of programs and to maintain our fields. In younger leagues with beginning ballplayers, we provide uniforms. Sponsors support uniforms for our older players.

Biggest Fundraiser

Our annual Christmas tree lot on Rodney Parham Road, opening Thanksgiving weekend, provides our largest source of annual income outside of registration fees and sign-advertising sponsorships. This year, an inaugural golf tournament will be held at the Country Club of Arkansas on October 20.

Wish List

  1. Scholarship funding for players/families in need
  2. Replacing or restoring field lights, which in most cases are more than 25 years old
  3. New field maintenance equipment (mower with collection system, Gator, edger)
  4. Resurfacing of five fields
  5. Remodeling of batting cages adjacent to existing fields
  6. On-site indoor workout facility