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Best Lawyers in Little Rock 2021

Randy Hall

Little Rock Trial Lawyers

Personal Injury/Civil Disputes

God gave me compassion for all people irrespective of who they are or their station in life. When people come to see us, they typically are emotionally laden with a burden, whether it be an injury, a death, a family issue or an unresolved dispute. They are often victims seeking relief from a life-altering situation. Finding compassionate relief for our clients–that’s what we do.

Thirty-two years of practice has made the courtroom familiar territory. After all, the courthouse is ultimately where wrongs are made right. Most people have never experienced the litigation process. They find it intimidating and downright scary. My partner, Mattie Taylor, and I formed Little Rock Trial Lawyers with one basic tenet in mind: to alleviate our clients’ fears while leading them to a successful resolution of their legal problem. We give our clients unfettered access to us in order to foster trust and confidence. Our preparation and past courtroom results often drive case resolution without the necessity of litigation. Finding the best pathway to justice for our clients–that’s what we do.

We promised to resist the urge to grow into a large law firm. In those environments, clients can get passed off to less experienced attorneys or ones who may not share our values. The Little Rock Trial Lawyers business model limits the number of cases we accept in order to create special attention for our clients. Special attention creates better results. No, we don’t take every case. But when we do, that client becomes our priority and will remain a priority until justice is obtained. Making every client feel special because they are. That’s what we do.

University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Accounting

UA Little Rock Bowen School of Law, J.D.

Certified Public Accountant; Arkansas Bar Foundation Member; Former President Southern Trial Lawyers Association; Best Lawyers-Medical Malpractice 2018-2022

415 N. McKinley, Ste. 1000
Little Rock


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