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Best Lawyers in Little Rock 2020

David W. Parker

Dodds Kidd Ryan & Rowan


As a former prosecutor with over 10 years of experience, David Parker has tried thousands of criminal cases and understands both sides of the courtroom.

Using this experience, he now focuses his practice on DWI and criminal defense. Parker has also played a key role in lobbying legislators and drafting new legislation regarding Arkansas’ DWI laws, licensing and criminal statutes, and he wrote many of the DWI arrest forms used by law enforcement today.

With a degree in applied mathematics, Parker doesn’t just rely on fancy talk in the courtroom; he dives into the math and science behind every case to find discrepancies with the state’s evidence, attacking the state’s case from every possible angle. This strategy has given him a proven track record of success in criminal cases, ranging from small-town traffic courts to federal criminal jury trials.

Parker and his wife Elizabeth have made the most of the pandemic and are expecting their first daughter to be born later this year.

University of Arkansas, B.S., Applied Mathematics
UA Little Rock Bowen School of Law, J.D.

313 W. Second St.
Little Rock, AR 72207


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