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Best Lawyers in Little Rock 2017

Kevin Wells

Law Offices of Katherine E. Blackmon


Augsburg College, Sociology
University of Minnesota Law School, J.D.

Law Offices of Katherine E. Blackmon
212 Center St.
11th Floor, Centre Place
Little Rock, AR 72201

Kevin Wells began his career in law in 2007 as an assistant attorney general for the State of Arkansas. During his eight years at the Attorney General’s office, Kevin primarily focused on protecting consumers from scammers and shady “charities,” as well as representing the State of Arkansas as sole attorney in charge of Antitrust litigation against market manipulators.

With regard to his chosen profession, Kevin said, “I know it’s cliché, but I really like helping people. And while helping people in the abstract is fulfilling, I really thrive on helping my clients directly.” Because of his desire to be involved in his clients’ cases on a more personal basis, Kevin entered the world of private practice in 2015, expanding his scope of representation to include general litigation and family law.

After their paths crossed in the courtroom, Katherine Blackmon Carroll extended to Kevin an offer to join her firm, The Law Offices of Katherine E. Blackmon. “I recognized in Kevin a strong drive to connect with and represent his clients with compassion and heart,” said Blackmon Carroll. “That heart, along with his ethics, wit, and intelligence, makes him a perfect fit for our firm.”

Though now focused mainly on family law, Kevin continues to advise and represent charities, churches, and non-profits helping with formation, recognition of tax-exempt status, and regulatory compliance.

Kevin’s hobbies include knitting, woodworking, and spending quality time with his family, most of whom are also lawyers. He comes by his love for the law honestly, as his father, brother, and wife are attorneys, and while Kevin hopes that his daughter, Beatrix, and his son, Henry, have a little more originality, he admits he would be happy if they someday followed the family path through law school.


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