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Best Lawyers in Little Rock 2014

Katherine E. Blackmon

Family Law, Law Offices of Katherine E. Blackmon

212 Center Street
11th Floor, Centre Place
Little Rock, AR 72201
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(501) 372-7636

“Thanks to you and your staff for your hard work, fun and frank attitude, and hospitality ... and thanks for getting my Daddy back.”

That’s just one of many notes from clients that Katherine Blackmon keeps in an antique bowl on her desk. “Each note reminds me that my clients are unique individuals, struggling with the most gut wrenching family issues a person can face,” she says. “This is one of my favorites: ‘We need to stay in touch when this is over. I have really enjoyed you. My kids told me in the beginning “don’t trust your lawyer” and when they met you they fell in love. Both boys have trust issues because of their dad. So that says a lot. Kids are smart.’”

Certified as a health and wellness coach and life coach, Blackmon recognizes every case is unique and deserves the treatment best suited for that situation. “I love litigation and truly enjoy the thrill of a good court battle, but not every case should end up in court with the parties fighting it out,” she says. “I want my clients to know their options and have the guidance to make smart decisions. Sometimes that means I’m a ‘pit bull,’ and sometimes a softer touch is required. And if you are thinking of using the kids as pawns? Don’t even schedule a consult.”

Blackmon and her staff do not hesitate to say they love their clients. “I am in my 18th year of practicing law,” she says, “and I still get passionate and excited about each case. If that passion ever diminishes, that’s the day I close up shop. I’ve been through a divorce; I know firsthand your rapport with and faith in your attorney can impact both the journey and the outcome of your case.”

Southern Methodist University, Broadcast Journalism
University of Southern California Los Angeles, J.D.


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