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Best Insurance Agents 2014

Chad Millard

Shelter Insurance®

2024 Arkansas Valley Drive, Suite 204
Little Rock | 72212
(501) 225-4599

Chad Millard is an 18-year veteran of the insurance business. Chad was born in Little Rock and grew up in Carlisle, and graduated with a bachelor's degree in economics from Westminster College in Missouri. He and his wife, G.G., have 5-year-old twins, Austin and Madison, and a 2-year-old son, Cooper.

What lines of insurance do you write? Auto, home, life and commercial

What type of coverage do consumers often forget? Life insurance is arguably the most important coverage one can purchase. However, it is often the product many do not like to talk about, therefore, it is the product many procrastinate on. Oftentimes, people have the false sense of security that what they have through their employer is enough.

What are the most important factors in choosing life insurance? You need to take a thorough look into coverage amounts needed. That number will most likely increase over time, especially when there are new additions to the family. A $100,000 policy just is not enough anymore.

Who is your mentor? My father, Robert Millard, taught me practically everything I know about the insurance business. He was an insurance agent for 42 years before retiring recently. He strongly encouraged me to get into the business.


Favorite genre of music? Country

Last book read? "Warriors" by Ted Bell

An app you can't live without? Pandora

If you all of a sudden found yourself with an entire day off and nothing scheduled, how would you spend it? I would either take the kids to the pool, or grill a large meal for the family while enjoying the kids playing in the backyard.

Hobbies? I enjoy watching St. Louis Cardinals games with the kids.