Little Rock Soiree

Best Insurance Agents 2014

Greg Hatcher

The Hatcher Agency

(CLU) Chartered Life Underwriter, (CHFC) Chartered Financial Consultant, (CHC) Certified Health Consultant, (RHU) Registered Health Underwriter, (REBC) Registered Employee Benefit Consultant

310 Louisiana Street
Little Rock | 72201
(501) 375-3737

Greg Hatcher has been in the insurance business for 30 years and is driven by the need to "do it right, to be the best and to help others get what they need." He grew up across the country in places like Kansas, Missouri and Michigan, but it's Little Rock that he, his wife, Lee, and their five children call home. His company writes every line of insurance and focuses on making the customer service experience truly outstanding. "We will do anything the customer wants, as long as it's legal, to make them happy," he says. "That's what makes it fun giving Outrageous Service!"

How often should I review my coverage? Every year at least. We prepare summaries for our clients that they can keep with them so they always know what they have. 

As an employer, when should I consider coverage for employment practices or cyber liability? All businesses need this coverage today if they have employees and use computers with their customers.

What are the most important factors in choosing life insurance? Get what you need to protect what you're insuring for. Make sure you have the right type of life insurance that will go the distance for the potential problems you are insuring against.

Who needs flood or earthquake insurance? It happens, so I recommend it. Always be prepared for when the bomb hits.

How can insurance cover inheritance taxes for my children? Life insurance can walk in when you walk out so that your kids have the liquidity to pay the estate taxes due.


Favorite genre of music? Country

An app you can't live without? Foreflight

Last book read? "The Little Book of Leadership Knowledge" by local author Dan Harpool of Complete Computing

If you all of a sudden found yourself with an entire day off and nothing scheduled, how would you spend it? I would get a long workout in and head to the lake.