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Best Insurance Agents 2016

Pat Frizzell

State Farm®

1723 N University Ave.
Little Rock / 664.2886
LinkedIn: /pat-frizzell
Facebook: /callpatfrizzell

Pat Frizzell, an eight-year insurance professional who specializes in home and automobile coverage, is driven by three things: competitiveness, his family and taking care of his customers. Born in Helena and raised in DeWitt in Arkansas County, he attended the University of Arkansas. He and his wife of six years, Katy, have a 1-year-old son, Reid.

For personal mentors, Frizzell says he turns to his mom and dad. For insurance expertise, his mentors are State Farm® Agents Alex Baldwin and Jay Bernard.

Years in the business: I started my career with State Farm® as a claim representative in Columbia, Missouri, in 2008. I stayed in that role for two years before moving back to Fayetteville to take on a role as an agent aspirant working for Alex Baldwin. In August 2013, I had the opportunity to open my own agency in Little Rock.

What type of coverage do consumers often forget to purchase? Life insurance is something that my team and I are very passionate about. We find that a large portion of the people that we talk to have never sat down to determine how much life insurance they need in order to protect their families if anything were to ever happen. A lot of times the life insurance that you have through work isn’t enough, or can’t go with you if you were to ever leave that job. It’s always best to carry a policy outside of what you have through work because today is the youngest and healthiest that you will ever be. The earlier you can get a policy started the better. We make it a point to talk to all of our customers about their life insurance.

What makes your customer service outstanding? We try to make our process as laid back and easy to understand as possible. We understand that insurance isn’t something that is on the forefront of all of our clients’ minds, and that is why that come to us. We strive to go the extra mile and bring a small-town feel.

How often should coverage be reviewed? I highly encourage clients to review their policies with our team at least every two years. Life changes, and as those changes occur so does your insurance need. Your liability coverage need that you had when you were 26 may not be the same as when you are 46. You have possibly acquired more assets that need to be protected. Same can be said about life insurance. Having kids, buying a house, or getting a divorce are just a few examples of life-changing events that may result in a greater or lesser need in coverage.

Who needs flood or earthquake insurance? The insurance agent in me says everybody, but I also understand that not everyone sees the need. Obviously, if your home is in a flood zone then you need to have flood insurance in place, and most mortgage companies will require you to carry that coverage. As for earthquake coverage, we talk to all of our clients about adding this endorsement onto their homeowners policy. It’s very affordable compared to the risk.

How can insurance cover inheritance tax for my children? A life insurance policy at death is paid out as a tax-free benefit to the beneficiaries of the policy. If you have an estate or inheritance tax issue, then I highly encourage visiting with your CPA to determine how much coverage your family will need without having to liquidate your assets that you worked hard to accumulate. After visiting with your CPA, come visit our office and we can discuss different life insurance options that will provide the protection that your family needs.

What are the most important factors to consider when choosing a life insurance company? You definitely want to put your life insurance protection in the hands of a reputable company. My advice would be to check the company’s ratings on AM Best and see how they compare.

What does a typical day look like? My team and I start every with a morning meeting to discuss the previous day and any appointments that we may have coming in on that day. The rest of my day is filled with appointments with current and potential clients, attending ribbon cuttings for the Little Rock Chamber of Commerce as an ambassador, coaching my team, and attending various other community events that I am involved with.

Is it better to have a high insurance premium and low deductible or vice versa? Everyone’s situation is different. If you have an emergency savings account and can afford a higher deductible, then I would recommend going with the higher deductible. If coming up with that money may be a difficult task, then a lower deductible and higher premiums would be my recommendation.

Mini Quiz:

Neighborhood: Maumelle

Favorite food: My wife’s homemade lasagna

Favorite lunch spot: Cheers

Two things you like to do outside the office: Hang out with my wife and kid, and hunt

Favorite show to binge watch: “Shark Tank”

Favorite genre of music: I like them all

Dream vacation: Anywhere with a beach