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Best Insurance Agents 2016

Pam Drilling

The Robbi Davis Agency, Inc.

1909 Hinson Loop Road, Suite 102
Little Rock / 954.8100

Health insurance expert Pam Drilling simplifies the Medicare process for people turning 65 or older, and she does it without charging a fee. Born in Fayetteville and raised in Fort Smith, Drilling gives older clients the understanding and the tools they need to make wise health and coverage decisions. She and her husband, Joe Drilling, have twin nephews, Matthew and Anthony, who are “like our own kids,” Pam says. The nephews are both married, and the Drillings enjoy spending time with them and their families.

Pam, who has been in the insurance business five years, says her brother, Stan Eden of the Eden Financial Group in Fort Smith, is her mentor. “He has been in the insurance and financial business for over 40 years, and daily shows the discipline of honesty, integrity and totally caring for his clients.

What does a typical day look like? My day always includes phone calls, appointments with clients and research! I receive many referrals, for which I am very thankful and appreciative. Since I just turned 65 myself, I certainly understand the questions and concerns, and am pleased I can use my educational background to simplify the process.

What type of coverage do consumers often forget to purchase? Dental. There’s an easy application to cover a benefit not covered by original Medicare or a supplement. Advantage Plans may cover dental on a limited basis, but not to the degree a stand-alone policy can offer. lf their needs and situation change, at least they have the opportunity to make changes.

Is there any other important information you think our readers should know? My specialty is education, which I feel is a perfect fit for the Medicare services I offer. It is a complex program with deadlines, and penalties can last a lifetime if not done correctly in the beginning.

How often should coverage be reviewed? I suggest at least once a year during Open Enrollment which is October 15th-December 7th . My Medicare clients need to have their Part D drug plans checked at that time because their current policy can change in the cost of monthly premiums and/or the drugs they cover. It only makes good sense to have that checked! There is not a charge for that service in our office. Anyone on a Medicare Advantage plan can also take this time to see if the plan they currently have is still the best for their needs or if there is another available for the upcoming year that best meets their needs.

What makes your customer service outstanding? I daily do my best to go the extra mile for each and every client. I’ve had friends ask why I don’t just let the clients do their own calling and research if a problem should arise. After all, they are adults! However, I can make those calls for them and simplify the process. They are grateful that I took the time to more than meet their expectations and needs. That is the kind of service I would personally want from another, and I want to show I care in each situation.

Mini Quiz

Neighborhood: Westchester

Favorite app: Google

Favorite food: Italian

Favorite lunch spot: Del Frisco’s Grille

Two things you like to do outside the office: Go out for dinner and a movie with my husband and go to our favorite B and B in northwest Arkansas!

Favorite show to binge watch: “Matlock”

Favorite genre of music: Easy listening and country

Dream vacation: Canada