Little Rock Soiree

Best Insurance Agents 2016

Greg Hatcher

The Hatcher Agency

310 Louisiana
Little Rock / 375.3737

Greg Hatcher has been driven for so long that it’s a habit, he says. Playing high school and college sports, he worked to get a little better and smarter each day. Those traits have continued through his 31-year career in insurance, in which he specializes in health coverage.

Born in Fort Worth and raised in Kansas, Missouri and Michigan, Hatcher attended Alma College in Michigan before moving to Arkansas. He and his wife, Lee, a manager of commercial real estate, have children Kelsey, 26, and Haley, 22, who both work with him at the Hatcher agency, along with Larkin, 22, Layne, 17, and Mattie, 15. Greg looks to his wife, his college coach and his personal coach for advice.

What does a typical day look like? I get up and work out and then I meet with people all day. Clients, insurance carriers, boards, staff, and friends. I do all my paperwork and emails after hours for the most part.

What type of coverage do consumers often forget to purchase? Disability and liability coverages. Those two hurt you the worst if you don’t have them.

Is it better to have a high insurance premium and low deductible or vice versa? It depends what you can afford. If you can take the risk, I recommend a higher deductible and lower premium.

What makes your customer service outstanding? Attitude and training. We have a two-hour training session every week with our entire staff to try to have everyone learn and get better. Our attitude is to do anything to make things easier and better for the customer.

How can insurance cover inheritance tax for my children? A second-to-die life insurance policy can be purchased that will provide cash to pay the taxes at the time of death.

What’s the difference between insurance for replacement costs versus actual value? Replacement cost replaces the asset. Actual cash value only pays the value of the asset after deducting for depreciation

When should companies consider coverage coverage for employment practices or cyber liability? In today’s world, we recommend to all.

What are the most important factors to consider when choosing a life insurance company? Stability and the products that fit your needs

How often should coverage be reviewed? At least annually.

Who needs flood or earthquake insurance? Anyone who has the risk. It would be awful to have the catastrophe occur and have no coverage.

Mini Quiz

Neighborhood: West Little Rock

Favorite app: Foreflight

Favorite food: Yogurt

Favorite lunch spot: Trio’s

Two things you like to do outside the office: Watch my kids play sports and play them myself

Favorite show to binge watch: ESPN

Favorite genre of music: Country

Dream vacation: Aspen with my wife