Little Rock Soiree

Best Insurance Agents 2016

Dawn Bailey

The Hatcher Agency

310 Louisiana
Little Rock / 375.3737

Dawn Bailey has tapped into her competitive nature to find success over 19 years at The Hatcher Agency. After growing up on a farm outside Benton, she attended Harding University and graduated from the University of Central Arkansas with a double B.S. in health/hospital administration and science.

A specialist in corporate insurance, she once would have said her goal was to be the best at whatever she attempts, but she now says she would be content to be a strong, well-rounded role model to her daughters Katy Belle, 10, and Lindley, 8. Her mentor was her sister, Robin Moody, who died last July. “She taught me if you empathize and work hard for your customer, becoming successful will just be a by-product.

What type of coverage do consumers often forget to purchase? Long-term disability. It is one of the most important coverages to have. It is very inexpensive premium, and it doesn’t matter what income bracket you are in, having income protection if you’re disabled is invaluable.

What makes your customer service outstanding? I am a problem solver and love connecting with people. If someone is calling me, it’s typically because they have a problem. With healthcare reform, my role has expanded to a much broader scope. Whether it is compliance issues, employers struggling with providing affordable coverage, or someone diagnosed with a medical condition, I feel if they’re calling me they have confidence that I will help resolve the issue. In this environment, just having someone to call that you know is willing to help resolve issues, or dig in to help provide resources, or help in finding a solution, is reassuring and comforting. I find it personally rewarding to resolve problems to the best of my ability, to report positive results and get to connect with people at a different level.

How often should coverage be reviewed? Annually.

What’s a typical day look like? Work out, get kids to school, prioritize my to-do list, appointments, getting ready for the next day’s appointments and to-do list. Making dinner and sitting down and catching up with the kids, homework, and a few minutes alone before bed.

Is it better to have a high insurance premium and low deductible or vice versa? A premium is a fixed cost, so having a lower premium makes the most sense. However, you want to make sure you have a deductible you can afford in the event you have a claim.

Years in the business: Twenty. I worked one year for Healthsource, which is now Cigna, and 19 years at The Hatcher Agency.

Mini Quiz

Neighborhood: Heights

Favorite app: Waze

Favorite food: Any fresh vegetables out of the garden

Favorite lunch spot: Cheers

Two things you like to do outside the office: Work out and cook with my girls

Favorite show to binge watch: “The Sopranos”

Favorite genre of music: Country and pop

Dream vacation: Traveling with the girls around the world, but getting stranded in Maui would be okay, too