Professional Profiles: 7 Family Law Attorneys Keep Situations from Overheating (Advertorial)

When it comes to family matters, these local attorneys help keep situations from overheating. Divorce and other family matters can be among the most stressful situations in your life. Finding the right attorney can be difficult. We hope you never have to seek legal counsel, but if you should, the attorneys featured on the following pages offer you their advice, insight and even open up about why they chose family law.

Marcia Barnes, Mitchell, Blackstock, Barnes & Sneddon, PLLC

Katherine E. Blackmon-Solis, Law Offices of Katherine E. Blackmon-Solis

Rick Donovan, Rose Law Firm – a Professional Association

David W. Kamps, Dodds, Kidd & Ryan

Judson C. Kidd, Dodds, Kidd & Ryan

Bryan W. Ray, Clevenger & Ray, PLLC

Bonnie Robertson, Robertson Law Firm, PLLC

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