At his Rose City warehouse and location of The Farm, Aaron Reddin stands atop an expansive pile of wood that he cuts and distributes to area homeless for firewood.

In this month's isssue, Todd Traub sits down with Aaron Reddin from The Van to talk about heartache, victory and what's next for Reddin's mission to help the homeless. 

"Aaron Reddin’s guided tour comes to a brief halt when a tornado materializes inside the chicken pen.

It is sunny but cold; the icy wind has a serrated edge. It’s the kind of weather, in fact, that adds urgency to Reddin’s work with the homeless — but today he happily stops to watch as the gusts gather in a compact whirlwind that sends leaves swirling and the chickens into a tizzy.

“A tornado in the chicken pen,” Reddin says, watching the birds scatter. “Holy cow. That’s wild.”

Anything Reddin finds interesting or remarkable often gets labeled “wild” or “weird,” “mind blowing” or “crazy.”

Reddin, after all, has experienced much worse than “weird” or “crazy,” man. Crazy isn’t so bad. In Reddin’s world, crazy is a compliment.

Given the way Reddin’s help-the-homeless projects “The Van” and his nonprofit “The One” have taken off in three years — he uses the word a lot.

The explosion of donations and growth shortly after the first van went into service?

“That’s just when it really went stupid-crazy,” Reddin says."

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