Little Rock Soiree polled lawyers and readers to discover the best lawyers in Little Rock. Here are the top picks in 16 specialties.

Alternative Dispute Resolution-Mediation

Jack Bell, ADR, Inc.

John A. Davis, ADR, Inc.

Frank Hamlin, Hamlin Dispute Resolution

Robert Henry, The Barber Firm

Mike Reif, Dover, Dixon & Horne, PLLC

James Tilley, Watts Donovan & Tilley, P.A.


Clarence Cash, Cash Law Firm

Charles T. Coleman, Wright, Lindsey & Jennings LLP

Jonathan Horton, Wright, Lindsey & Jennings LLP

Joe Kolb, The Barber Firm

Harry Light, Friday Eldredge & Clark

Kelly McNulty, Gill Ragon Owen, P.A.

Geoff Treece, Quattlebaum, Grooms, Tull & Burrow

Business Litigation

Chip Chiles, Quattlebaum, Grooms, Tull & Burrow

Judy Henry, Wright, Lindsey & Jennings LLP

Lloyd W. "Tre" Kitchens, The Brad Hendricks Law Firm

Matt Finch, Gill Ragon Owen, P.A.

Edward Oglesby, Kutak Rock

Amy Stewart, Rose Law Firm

Commercial Real Estate

Mitch Berry, Eichenbaum Liles P.A.

Amy Brown, McMullan Law Firm

Charles "Skip" Davidson, Davidson Law Firm

Kelly Halstead, Halstead Law Firm

Marian McMullan, McMullan Law Firm

Jay Taylor, Friday Eldredge & Clark

Corporate Finance -- Merger & Acquisitions

Doug Buford, Mitchell Williams

Kevin Burns, Rose Law Firm

Walter M. "Skip" Ebel III, Friday Eldredge & Clark

Price Gardner, Friday Eldredge & Clark

Tim Grooms, Quattlebaum, Grooms, Tull & Burrow

Christopher Travis, Gill Ragon Owen, P.A.

Corporate Insurance

Patt Goss, Rose Law Firm

Kevin O'Dwyer, Hope Trice & O'Dwyer, P.A.

Scott Strauss, The Barber Firm

Jeff Thomas, Mitchell Williams

Richard Watts, Watts, Donovan & Tilley, P.A.

Criminal Defense

Patrick & Kara Benca, Benca & Benca

Tommy Bennett, Bennett & Williams

John Hall, John Wesley Hall Law Firm

William James Jr., James Law Firm

Stuart Vess, Vess Carpenter & Ables

Win Wilson, Hope Trice & O'Dwyer, P.A.


Chuck Nestrud, Chisenhall, Nestrud and Julian

Ross Noland, McMath Woods, P.A.

Alan Perkins, Perkins & Trotter

Brian Rosenthal, Rose Law Firm

Walter Wright, Mitchell Williams


Danny W. Broaddrick, Hyden Miron & Foster

Bryant Cranford, Rose Law Firm

Joseph B. Hurst Jr., Friday Eldredge & Clark

Alex Ifrah, Friday Eldredge & Clark

Family Law

Katherine Blackmon, Law Offices of Katherine E. Blackmon

Beth Echols, Gill Ragon Owen, P.A.

Steve Engstrom, Wilson, Engstrom, Corum & Coulter

Sam Hilburn, Hilburn Law Firm

Ron Hope, Hope Trice & O'Dwyer, P.A.

Labor & Employment Law

Tim Boe, Rose Law Firm

John Davis, Wright, Lindsey & Jennings LLP

Dan Herrington, Friday Eldredge & Clark

John Holleman, Holleman & Associates, P.A.

Joe Purvis, Dover, Dixon & Horne, PLLC

Jim Robertson, The Barber Firm

Carolyn Witherspoon, Cross, Gunter, Witherspoon, Galchus


Hank Bates, Carney Williams Bates Pulliam and Bowman

Rick Beard, Mitchell Williams

Rick Donovan, Rose Law Firm

Denise Hoggard, Chisenhall, Nestrud and Julian

Ed Lowther, Wright, Lindsey & Jennings LLP

B.J. Walker, Rose Law Firm

Perry Wilson, The Barber Firm

Personal Injury

David Couch, David A. Couch PLLC

Joshua Gillispie, Chad M. Green & Associates

Brad Hendricks, Brad Hendricks Law Firm

Judson Kidd, Dodds, Kidd & Ryan

Bruce Munson, Munson Rowlett Moore & Boone PA

Mike Rainwater, Rainwater, Holt & Sexton

Brian Reddick, Reddick Moss

Shane Strabala, Munson, Rowlett, Moore & Boone

Bill Trice, Hope Trice & O'Dwyer, P.A.

Tab Turner, Tab Turner & Associates


Chris Brockett, Hatfield & Sayre

Neil Deininger, Deininger & Wingfield

Lyle Foster, Hyden Miron & Foster

Wilson Jones, Rose Law Firm

Matt Mullins, Frost, PLLC

Wyck Nisbet, Friday Eldredge & Clark

Charles Owen, Gill Ragon Owen, P.A.

Jennifer Pierce, Mitchell Williams

David Smith, Kutak Rock

Thomas Tarpley, Tarpley Law Firm

John Tisdale, Wright, Lindsey & Jennings LLP

Trusts & Estates

Wayne Ball, Ball & Stuart

Thomas Baxter, Friday Eldredge & Clark

Lillian Dee Davenport, Delta Trust Bank

Lori Holzwarth, Hyden Miron & Foster

Sarah Cotton Patterson, Friday Eldredge & Clark

Adam Reid, The Barber Firm

Carla Spainhour, Friday Eldredge & Clark

White Collar Criminal Defense

Chuck Banks, Banks Law Firm

Erin Cassinelli, Lassiter & Cassinelli

Drake Mann, Gill Ragon Owen, P.A.

Brad Williams, Bennett & Williams

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Little Rock Soiree determine which lawyers make the list? 

Best Lawyers is a two-component voting system: Peer review voting and voting by readers of Arkansas Business and Little Rock Soiree. We rely on the lawyers’ expertise to determine who deserves to be on the list and on the readers to tell us how their experiences with individual lawyers rank.

We e-mailed local lawyers from our online directory, inviting them to vote using an online ballot on our website. We solicited votes from readers through our e-newsletter, social media pages and websites.

The nomination form asked participants to cast a vote, bearing in mind the following question: “Which lawyers in Little Rock, would you rank among the best based on your experience with them?” Our research editor tallied the votes and we examined the list to confirm Arkansas Bar status and reviewed practice specialty for each lawyer.

How do you pick the categories?

We included categories that would be helpful to a business client as well as a personal client. We presented the categories to the panel of lawyers to make certain we did not leave out a worthy category.

Do lawyers have to pay to be on the list? 

No, a lawyer cannot pay to be on the list. After the editorial staff finalizes the list, it is given to our sales department, which invites lawyers to buy profiles. Those profiles appear on the following pages and are labeled as paid advertising. But whether the lawyers advertise has no bearing on this list. The editorial department does not know who purchased a profile in the magazine until the magazine is in the final stages of production.

How do you prevent cheating? 

Our online ballot records each voter’s IP address. If we notice a suspicious pattern -- a block of votes from the same IP address, for instance, or a high number of votes cast in a short time -- we investigate.

What if I don't see my lawyer on the list? 

This list is by no means inclusive. If you don’t see your lawyer here, and he/she is someone you like and trust, you should stick with them. The process selection will start over next year.