BrunchFest, the popular foodie event benefiting The Centers, is back on the menu, bringing tastes of some of the city's most delicious bites to one location. 

Ahead of the June 10 feast, we caught up with Kendall Case, general manager of Sauced Bar and Oven to learn more about what they're bringing to the table this year.


How did Sauced get involved with BrunchFest?

KC: BrunchFest seemed like a great opportunity to give back to the community while also showcasing our fabulous brunch options at Sauced. Sauced got involved with BrunchFest last year, and we are very excited to be coming back for round two! We will be serving samples of our No. 1-selling brunch item, the Saucey Chicken Biscuit. 


Why is it important for you to support The Centers?

KC: By supporting The Centers, we are helping them offer more [resources to people such as] free counseling services. We are very fortunate to have an organization like this that helps individuals with emotional healing and recovery from traumatic situations. 


Tell us about the featured dish.

KC: The Saucey Chicken Biscuit is a buttermilk biscuit sandwich with Italian-style fried chicken breast smothered with black pepper gravy.

Benefiting the Arkansas Foodbank
June 10, 11 a.m. | The Hall