An emphasis on some of the best moments of the March issue, behind-the-scenes secrets and more.


A Handy Collection

Bernie Quell, a local estate sale consultant, landlord and ceramicist, allowed us access to his collection of vintage tools for our Ozark Mission Project shoot.

"Growing up, my dad’s toolbox was my toy box," Quell says of the collection. "Through the years, I bought or borrowed tools required for a variety of woodworking projects. Being the owner of older homes and maintaining them requires one to have a select set of tools and the know-how to custom build or repair the issues that arise. Currently, I work for an estate sale company where I have the opportunity to select and purchase vintage tools."


Standout Quote

"Defining a district in a city creates such momentum and collaboration within the area’s community, and we intend to be a catalyst in that movement."

- Chris Marsh on the renaissance of Riverdale’s “Design District”


The Better to See With 

In our photo shoot with Jim Engelhorn for the Wolfe Street Foundation, the Sissy's Log Cabin manager brought a personal treasure to the set: a specially-made loupe, the magnifying glass used by jewelers, that both honors his family heritage and serves as a promise for the future.

The loupe was a gift from his wife marking his 40th anniversary in the jewelry business and his birthday last year. It features several intricacies, including the flag and Lion Rampant of Scotland, a thistle signaling both the national flower of Scotland and a floral symbol of recovery from alcoholism, as well multiple trinity knots — "a love note from my wife."


Chef du Jour

Shane Henderson, executive chef for Ben E. Keith Foods, is showing out in the kitchen to raise funds for Youth Home, but he'll also be putting his showmanship skills to good use as emcee of An Eggsquisite Evening. Although the event is technically only in its second year, it's actually a combination of former Youth Home events Eggshibition and The Next Course, the latter of which Henderson helped launch in 2013. 


Setting the Stage

"When scouting locations for the Spellebration shoot, we wanted something with visual history that would tie the organization, event and community leader honorees together in an exemplary way. Much of the historic beauty remains both inside and out of the Lofts at SoMa, the apartment building that was once Little Rock High School. Original chalkboards, Corinthian columns, restored hardwood floors, tall ceilings and exposed ductwork all give this spacious building character and charm. We could have photographed there all day." 

- Josie Burnett, Editorial Contributor & Stylist