Jimi Tucker was 3 years old when he was diagnosed with cancer at Arkansas Children’s. He's now 12 and is cancer free. Because of you, Jimi received the expert care he needed.

Your generous support on Giving Tuesday will give kids like Jimi access to life-saving care for cancer and other illnesses.

“Which superhero do you want to be today?”

After giving it some serious thought, 4-year-old Jimi picks out his mask and cape and gets ready for the day’s fight.

The fight against cancer.

K.C. Tucker asks her young son this important question every day throughout his cancer treatment at Arkansas Children’s. Jimi loves superheroes. In fact, when K.C. asks him what he likes most about Arkansas Children’s, he says, “They gave me my superpower.”

Jimi has a central line into his chest used by his medical team to administer chemotherapy and other fluids. But to Jimi, the central line is special. It gives him his superpower: Jimi can drink through his chest.

Jimi’s just a little boy. He doesn’t understand cancer, but he does know his superpower is going to help make him better. And K.C. knows it’s only possible because of your generous support.

When Jimi was first diagnosed, the Tucker family didn’t know where to turn. As you can imagine, they were terrified. K.C. and her husband, Joe, were determined to find the best place to help Jimi fight the devastating diagnosis.

After hours of research and talking with countless friends and family members, K.C. and Joe decided there was only one place they wanted their precious little boy to be treated, Arkansas Children’s.

The Tuckers haven’t regretted their choice for a moment.

According to K.C., one of the many reasons Arkansas Children’s is the perfect place for Jimi is because it’s full of superheroes like doctors, nurses, therapists, child life specialists and support staff.

But the real superheroes are the kids themselves. And you, of course.

Generous supporters like you are the behind-the-scenes, unsung heroes. Without your support, Arkansas Children's wouldn’t be here to provide expert, life-saving care. Without your generosity, kids like Jimi wouldn’t stand a chance.

Without your kindness, little superheroes would lose their superpowers.

Watching their child struggle against this disease has been one of the hardest things K.C. and Joe have ever been through, but your support helps make the most difficult time of their lives a little better.

"You donate your money to make sure we have everything from snacks in the hospital family room to life-saving healthcare for our child," K.C. says. "How can I begin to thank you for that?"

The Tuckers have spent the holidays in and out of the hospital with their son, but your generosity gives kids like Jimi — and moms like K.C — a little light during those difficult days.

Celebrate Giving Tuesday by making your gift to Arkansas Children’s today. Because sometimes, even superheroes need help, too.