Two Rivers Park

A new issue of Little Rock Soirée hits newsstands every month thanks in large part to a sequence of deadlines. And while our team is used to living by these always-approaching dates, there's something about this time of year outside the office that can, unfortunately, feel the same way. Holiday activities and to-do lists pile up, and we're left wondering where the last few months of the year went. 

So between calendar invites, notifications and, yes, deadlines, I'm doing my best to squeeze in the leisure where I can and to make even the errands a bit more fun. Here's how.


1. Shop smarter, not harder.

To save yourself a bit of sanity (and gas mileage) this shopping season, keep an eye out for holiday markets popping up around the metro with multiple vendors in one place. Holiday House is the reigning champ in sheer volume, if nothing else, but neighborhoods, shopping centers, even St. Joseph's Farm Stand are all getting in on the action and making your life easier in the process.

No fuss tip: Spare even fewer brain cells and shop our gift guide.


2. Don't sweat the menu.

Preparing for a gathering of family and friends is stressful enough. You don't have to worry over every dish to make it a success. Pick the few items you want to focus on, keep your cool and call up a local restaurant for the rest. Most have special holiday items for this exact purpose, and it'll add a fun new flavor to your spread.

No fuss tip: Skip all the prep and order everything — either your favorite restaurant's full holiday menu or a potluck of dishes from around town.


3. Buy the ticket.

Event season is here in full force. Every week is packed with galas and dinners and shows, and it's all too easy to let it slip by while caught up in your to-do list. Committing to the one or handful of events you truly care about — and the organizations your tickets support — is a great way to force you out of your busy routine and into your community.

No fuss tip: Tickets also make a great gift if you're looking for a two birds, one stone situation.


4. Go outside. 

In the early days of the pandemic, we talked a lot about the importance of getting out. Now that many of us are back to more normal schedules, it's become less of a priority to the detriment of our mental health, not to mention that strange guilt you feel for missing out on daylight when you get home after dark. Take advantage of the most beautiful time of the year in The Natural State, and of whatever time you have, whether it's a quick jaunt on your lunch break or you make it a full-on Sunday ritual. Your brain and your body will thank you.

No fuss tip: Don't overthink it. Just go.