"Promises Kept" by Robin Tucker, 48 x 48, acrylic on canvas.


"This painting, like many of my others, is a juxtaposition of the man-made world with the natural world. Man-made beauty versus natural beauty. There is a history with these objects, whether found or given to me. They are emblematic of experiences that hold significance in my life."


Robin Tucker is an artist residing in Little Rock. He was born in New Mexico and lived in Europe until the early 1970s when his family moved to Arkansas. He received a bachelor degree from Arkansas Tech and studied design and illustration in the graduate program at UA Little Rock.

Tucker also works on large scale projects such as set pieces, commercial installations and murals for various agencies, companies and organizations. Some of his paintings are a direct progression of the large murals he paints commercially, while others are highly detailed studies. They convey an atmosphere of stillness and a timeless quality that develops with days and weeks of close observation. Tucker's work aspires to depict the magic that is around us, the magic which often goes unnoticed. Ultimately, the paintings speak for him. 

Find Tucker's work locally at M2 Gallery, online at robintucker.studio and on Facebook and Instagram.