Caristiana Hoey

Carolyn Russell Real Estate Inc.

Caristiana Hoey, owner and executive broker of Carolyn Russell Real Estate Inc., was born and raised in the real estate business. She received her license in 1998 and in 2001 became the youngest broker in the state of Arkansas. Hoey has a vast knowledge of selling homes and acreage throughout central Arkansas. Carolyn Russell Real Estate has agents that work in every aspect of real estate, and she enjoys being a broker, teaching agents and working with all of these different areas.

Hoey is a multi-million dollar lifetime member and has earned the Diamond Award of Excellence multiple times. She possesses an authentic heart and always acts within her client’s best interest. Hoey loves her job, her family and God, and she is very passionate about helping people in every aspect of life.


West Little Rock, west Pulaski County, Saline and Perry Counties

Executive Broker

Carolyn Russell Real Estate Inc.
11125 Arcade Drive, Ste. B, Little Rock
O: 501.221.9944 / C: 501.580.1613

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