Dr. Kim Leverett is on the move.

The founder and owner of A Kick Above Personal Training Studio, Leverett fills her days with customized workout plans and nutrition coaching. Her off hours are filled with practicing what she preaches to her clients, and that includes expanding her mindset of wellness to encompass more than the physical.

We caught up with Leverett (not always an easy task) to talk philosophy, health myths and her refreshing take on success.


After more than two decades as a pharmacist, you made the decision to become a trainer because of something you were seeing behind the counter every day. Tell us about that realization and how it fueled your career change. 

KL: I grew weary of seeing customers with the same health ailments, and I found myself sharing alternative treatments. I often advised them on how to become physically active to lessen complications and remedy their health. As I offered counseling on their medications, I encouraged them to get to the root of the problem by adopting healthy lifestyle habits like walking and choosing whole, fresh foods. 


You often speak of the importance of being healthy in mind, body and soul. What do you find powerful about the convergence of these three elements?

KL: I think balance in all things is essential — mind, body and soul. You really need all three to experience wholeness. When one component is lacking, the other two will suffer. As a trainer I understand that my clients must work to maintain physical fitness, but by word and deed. I encourage them to work on mind and soul as well.


You're no stranger to overcoming obstacles in your life, including launching your business while juggling roles as a wife, mother and caretaker, not to mention a cancer diagnosis in 2013. What advice do you have for someone in an overwhelming period of life?

KL: I recognize that I can’t do what I do alone. My success stems from various villages. I have a great staff at work, a wonderful church family and a supportive and loving husband and daughters.



In 2015, you told Soirée you "define success by what I give, not by what I get." Can you unpack that for us?

KL: One of my life’s mantras is helping others to achieve their goals and become the best versions of themselves. Seeing others succeed in what they set out to do fills me with joy, and it’s much more satisfying to me to know I played a part in their journey than anything I could receive.


The concept of lifelong learning is also a priority for you. How have you seen the impacts of this in your own journey, especially as health misinformation runs rampant on the internet? 

KL: I make it a priority to study reputable sources on a weekly basis to keep up with the latest health information. When approached with misinformation, these weekly study sessions equip me with the knowledge I need to debunk these myths and present the facts.


What is the most common health myth you hear from clients, and how would you bust it? 

KL: The most common health myth I see is the idea of quick fixes. When it comes to physical fitness, clients often want a big reward, but don’t fully understand the amount of effort it will take to reach a desired goal.

Related to this myth is that we often believe only what is done in the gym truly matters. What I do by way of training in the gym is certainly important, but what I do in the kitchen is just as important. I’ve often told clients, "Don’t eat your way out of a good workout."




To learn more about Dr. Kim Leverett, her workouts and nutrition coaching, check out kimlevfit.com and akickabove.com, or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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